A Women's Tour de France

An inspiring group of female cyclist complete every stage of the 2019 Tour, raising awareness that women's cycling deserves a premier cycling event.


They’ve done it! With the final ride in Paris, the Internationelles, an all female group of cyclists has tackled every stage of this years tour, and they’ve done it with a smile on their faces. To say these women are an inspiration is an understatement. They are not professional cyclists, though from the records many of them hold, you’d question why not. They have day jobs, families, toddlers, and all the day to day responsibilities the rest of us have, and like the origins of the Tour de France, they dedicated a month to cycling around France because they love cycling, because they love challenges, because they believe young women today deserve to have their chance to challenge themselves in major events like the Tour de France, only the domain of men today.

At Ayvri, we are incredibly fortunate and thankful that via their Strava accounts, The Internationelles, gave us a new way of looking at the tour. They don’t have media people, helicopters, photographers. It was just a small crew to get them through the event. The last few stages were incredibly beautiful, with magnificent climbs. In brief chats with JA, the spirit of the crew was never dampened.

Their achievements will stay alive on their Ayvri profile, and do spend a bit of time to marvel at the incredible last few stages.

Thank you InternationElles, you’re an inspiration to us all!