WingsForLife relies on Ayvri to share their unique event

Ayvri helps the world's largest organized run raise money for Spinal Cord Research

Posted by Pete Field on 2019-05-07

WingsForLife World run is a fundraising event like no other. Founded by two-time motocross world champion Heinz Kinigadner and the founder of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz, WingsForLife adds an element of excitement to their run. The RedBull Media managed event has been held annually since 2014 with participation growing year on year.

Runners don’t know how far they will be running when they reach their start line at 10am UST. In 2019, the 105,057 runners lined up in over 200 cities around the world, some running at day break, while others started early in the night. When the gun goes off everyone around the world started running, then, 30 minutes later, a “catcher car” set off from the same starting line and the chase is on. The catcher car is traveling at 15 km/ hour and speeds up at predetermined intervals. How long can the runners out last the catcher car? Who will run the furthest?

This event turns your local race into a whole new type of adventure. But WingsForLife had a problem, how do they capture this experience for the runners and help share it with their friends, family and fans.

Together with timing partners at Tractalis, RedBull knew they wanted something that showed the runners on the course, and they also wanted to show the catcher car as it left the finish line to chase down the runner.

WingsForLife chose Ayvri because only Ayvri’s 3d scenes could give the interactive and engaging view of the race. Tractalis took advantage of Ayvri’s scene segments which lets the scene creator choose who to follow at different points through the scene. For WingsForLife, this meant they could follow the runner at the start, and when the car sets off from the start-line, they begin following the catcher car to capture the excitement of the chase.

Ayvri’s API processed scenes for all runners using the WingsForLife WorldRun App, and making these scenes available for replay in seconds.

Our journey with Tractalis, RedBull and WingsForLife doesn’t end here on the finish line on the day of the event. The WingsForLife app is a year round running companion where you can be regularly tested by the virtual catcher car chasing you through the streets of cities around the world. You can find the WingsForLife app for iOS and Android.